Taking Your Dog Out Trick-or-Treating on Halloween

We all know that dogs are like family. They participate in family activities just as any other member of the family w...

Is your dog scared of Halloween? Here’s how to deal with it

The Halloween festivities are fast approaching, and you have everything in place. You’ve already chosen this year’s c...

3 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Barking Constantly for No Reason

It feels good to hear that happy dog barking when you open the front door. But constant barking, and for no clear rea...

Signs You Need Help With Your Anxious Dog

Do you think you have an anxious dog? Anxiety can be a difficult emotion to handle. In fact, it's quite common for do...

7 Simple Ways to Calm A Dog Scared Of Fireworks

Loud sounds like fireworks, gunshots, and thunders trigger a fearful behavior in dogs. They can vocalize, tremble, sh...

3 Things You Should Never Do If You Have a Stressed Dog

Anxious and stressed dogs, like anxious people, shouldn't be ignored or overstimulated.
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