Oil of Oregano

True Leaf™ Body and Oral Health Support with Oil of Oregano

Help protect your four-legged friend’s health with these essential products that combine oil of oregano with other active ingredients in special formulas that maximize their benefits. The proprietary formulations of our oil of oregano products use various active ingredients to help protect your pet companion’s health.

Mediterranean oil of oregano is a powerful essential oil that naturally supports the reduction of mouth bacteria, which may lead to the development of plaque. Oregano oil is taken orally for intestinal parasites and bacteria. 

This refreshing aromatic herb has been traditionally used to improve bad breath. It is also useful for calming an upset stomach and gas. 

An important component of most plants high in antioxidants, chlorophyll can help eliminate mouth odours from the inside out. It also works to improve digestion which can be a cause of bad breath in dogs.

A culinary and medicinal herb used in India, lemongrass oil is known for its potential anti-inflammatory benefit to the skin. Lemongrass has also been studied for its ability to deter insects from biting your dog.

Also known as holy wood oil, palo santo was valued traditionally as an antiseptic in South America and works to kill bacteria, yeasts, and fungus on the skin’s surface.

The essential oil from this evergreen plant has been used by indigenous cultures for centuries for its numerous health benefits. It is particularly useful for oral health because of its fresh scent and antimicrobial action. It can be soothing for tooth decay thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

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