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• Timber - Lumby BC •

"The chances are high that we will outlive our pet. Unfortunately for our family, that day came for us on February 21, 2016. His name was Timber, an Akita Husky Shepherd mix. He was way too smart and cute as heck, the perfect recipe for a dream and an ever expanding companionship for what was most of my life. I'm only 25 and our dog timber was with us for 13 and a half unbelievable years. A flood of happy memories like camping trips, days at the farm and long walks through sunset spilled fields, summer nights around the fire, hiking up mountains and birthday parties begging for leftovers are what come to mind, Timber being the staple at all of them. Timber gave us everything, he had it all and therefore so did we. Timber was more than a dog, a dog is always more than a dog. Timber taught me many things about love and about life and about how unreal simple things can be if we are sane enough to let ourselves see the beauty in small moments otherwise overlooked. A dog breaks open the laws that you thought governed happiness. A realization of how its worth it to be vulnerable and love and hopefully be loved. It's easy to get caught up with life and time, letting the years slip away. A dog slows that down while inspiring us to seize the day. Timber brought us back to earth and made us human. Spending one final night by his side for what would be his last here on earth, feeling his final breaths on my cheek that sad day and taking turns filling in his grave in our back yard with my family was the most beautifully devastating thing I have ever been a part of. With the intense sadness and loss comes the realization of the magnitude of love given and received. You changed our lives, buddy. You are a legend. I can still feel your warm fuzzy coat between my fingers while we said goodbye. I have always told people that to love and be loved in return is everything. They ask me how I know... I say a dog taught me." Dayton Ricketts


• Sadie+Cujo - Vernon BC •

So, though I give you all my heart, The time will come when we must part. But all around you, you will see, Creatures that speak to you of me; A tired horse, a hunted thing, A sparrow with a broken wing ... Pity - and help (I know you will) And somehow, I will be with you still; And I shall know, although I'm gone, The love I gave you lingers on. --- (Author unknown) ---