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60ml | 2fl. Oz

Oregano and peppermint essential oils help keep your dog’s teeth healthy and clean. Both have a fresh scent and taste great. When used regularly these ingredients support gum tissue health. Chlorella, a form of algae high in nutrients, promotes normal periodontal health.

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It’s no secret that our favorite furry companions are prone to stinky breath. If you are amongst the many whose dog has stinky breath, you may have found yourself wondering if there were any natural and helpful ways of fixing this little problem. However, the key to enhancing your pet’s breath doesn’t just stop at neutralizing the smell.

TRUE LEAF Healthy Teeth Dental Gel is an ideal solution for helping to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and clean. Combined with an impressive pairing of oregano and peppermint essential oils, TRUE LEAF’s dog dental gel utilizes the properties of chlorella. As a high-powered form of algae, chlorella contains ingredients to support healthy teeth and gums.

By incorporating TRUE LEAF Healthy Teeth Dental Gel, you can provide your special companion with a kissable, fresh and healthy smile! Our powerful and specially formulated dental solution will aid in the body’s natural healing process for gums and bacteria in the mouth. With wholesome ingredients, TRUE LEAF’S dog dental gel will deliver amazing results.


Mediterranean Oregano Oil

Purified Water

Palo Santo Oil

Lemongrass Oil

Denatured Alchohol


Apply 2-4 drops of gel to a dog toothbrush and gently brush the teeth. Can also use a finger to finger brush teeth. No rinsing is required.